Theatre Arts

Program Founded in 2011 

The Art Access Theatre Arts Program seeks to educate the public to respect and celebrate differences among all people. Appropriately themed stage productions are performed for groups of attendees, who may be school students or adults from the community. Following each production, attendees are encouraged to participate in a discussion about the performance and to address the theme of respecting diversity and difference.

For its debut of the Theatre Arts Program, Art Access, in partnership with PYGmallion Productions, presented a one-act-play called The Mysterious, Happy Life of Brown Bag. Written by local playwright Greg Near, the play tells the poignant story of a boy who was born with an unusual difference. It chronicles Brown Bag's struggle to fit in, and is told from the perspective of his mother and his teacher. The title character teaches us to embrace and respect differences. This play helps Art Access to exhibit our organizational philosophy of inclusion by creating a clear level of understanding of the beauty and depth of diversity and the richness that diversity can add to our lives.

To learn more about The Mysterious, Happy Life of Brown Bag, check out these VIDEOS on Vimeo. To request a performance of The Mysterious, Happy Life of Brown Bag, or to learn more about this program, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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