JAN 17 - FEB 14, 2020: In Search of Homeland / Do You See What I See? // FAMILIES, It's All Relative


ART ACCESS GALLERY begins the New Year with two inspiring exhibits.

In a dual exhibit featuring artists Heydar Rasoulpour and Clarence Bowman, painterliness, intense color and larger scale abstraction take center stage. Heydar Rasoulpour, continues explorations of home and identity through figurative abstraction found in “In Search of Homeland”. Artist Clarence Bowman invites the viewer to step inside his large scale works encouraging viewers to discover their own meaning and reflection in paintings presented in “Do You See What I See?”

Marva Match, Dan Fandrich, and Lynda Lee collaborate in “FAMILIES, It’s All Relative”, revisiting lgbtq families originally featured in photographic portraits taken in 2007. Shared are before and after photos and stories of the families witnessing both the typical and unique journey of each,  commenting on the diverse and ‘relative’ nature of family in general.

Hidden Lake Heydar


"Hidden Lake Seekers" from In Search of Homeland - Heydar Rasoulpour

Image description: a painting of a blue pond in a dark forest. Two people are in the water, looking at something bright coming out of the water between them.


MarvaMatch Blanchard copy 1


"KJ and the Kids" from It's All Relative -Marva Match, Dan Fandrich, and Lynda Lee

Image descrption: a black and white photo of a family: two women, five children, and a small dog. Everyone is wearing black shirts and jeans, and two of the children are holding an older picture of the family.