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June 21 through July 12, 2013

Opening Reception: June 21, 5:30 - 9:30 p.m.

Art Access Gallery: Ceramic wall pieces depicting waves and tides by MiYoung Kim

Art Access Gallery is also proud to present ceramics by Mi Young Kim. A native of Korea, Mi Young became involved in various art disciplines at a young age. In her work, Mi Young incorporates the Korean philosophy of UemYang (Ying and Yang in Chinese), where "in the universe, everything comes in pairs:  earth and sky, fire and water, hardness and softness, positive and negative space. With my work I can express that through the feeling of cloth that flows, yet in fired clay it is heavy and hard," she says.

Indeed, Mi Young's work seems to flow and ripple, like the eddies and whirlpools she observed during her visits to the ocean as a young child. Unlike traditional Korean clay arts, her pallete is brighter and her lines looser. "I approach my work like a graphic artist, but clay lets me create three-dimensional graphic art that is tactile, enduring and with a much deeper pallet of forms, colors, shadow and light," she adds.

Access II Gallery: "Justice for Some?" installation with multimedia performance on gallery stroll opening by Brolly Arts


Brolly Arts and Art Access are partnering to bring together a variety of artists and arts organizations to present Justice For Some? This multi-disciplinary project focuses on issues of bullying, gender, protest and discrimination. Gallery Stroll events include performances as well as opportunities for the public to participate.

The evening and exhibit will bring together choreography by Sofia Gorder and performance by dancers and Westminster College students; the Drum Bus, whose focus is on bullying; a curated exhibit (in Access II Gallery) by Terry Mitchell, a gunshot survivor of racial discrimination; and an interactive installation by the authors of What I Thought I Saw, a book about perceptions.


Help Art Access provide inclusive arts programming for Utahns with disabilities and those with limited access to the arts.

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