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August 21 through September 11, 2015

Opening Night Reception: Friday, August 21, 6-9 p.m.

Meet the artists and mingle with fellow "gallery strollers." This event is open to the public.



21st Annual Partners Exhibit
The Partners Artist Mentoring program matches emerging artists with disabilities one-on-one with professional artist mentors for individualized, hands-on, and innovative professional development. Apprentice artists develop and practice their artistic techniques and skills, expand their educational and professional experiences, learn about the business side of being a working artist, make vital connections to the local arts community, and explore and/or prepare for potential careers as professional artists. Upon completion of a minimum of 25-hours of mentoring, including attending partnership-development events and assessing their experiences in a journal, apprentices and their mentors celebrate their work in a side-by-side culminating exhibit in the Art Access Gallery. Click here to learn more about the Partners Artist Mentoring program.

Exhibiting partners:
Creative Writing: Melissa Rasmussen and Kirstin Scott
Watercolor: Alissa Meservy Bott and Sue Martin
Abstract Realism Painting: Paul Williams and Royden Card
Printmaking (2006): Jared Nielsen and Stefanie Dykes
Fused Glass (2013): Keaton Buck and Sarinda Jones


18th Annual Teen Workshops Exhibit

Each June and July, Art Access offers five two-day workshops designed specifically for teens. Workshop participants are invited to display their artwork in an exhibit in the Access II Gallery.

Click here to learn more about the Teen Workshops.

Help Art Access provide inclusive arts programming for Utahns with disabilities and those with limited access to the arts.

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Our 300 Plates Fundraiser and Exhibition takes place the third Thursday in May each year.