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May 19 - June 9: 300 Plates Exhibition | 50 Squared



Fundraiser & Exhibition: Thursday, May 18, 6-9 PM
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Gallery Stroll: Friday, May 19, 6-9 PM

Exhibit Dates: May 15 - June 9

300 Plates is the annual Art Access fundraiser and exhibition. This signature event, first hosted in May 2003, presents unique artwork that is both affordable and highly collectible, created by approximately 160 established and emerging artists from the local community. Using 11 x 10 inch plates (tempered panel or plexiglass), each artist prepares small works in their recognizable style. Finished plates include everything from landscape to assemblage to pop art to photography and more. During the fundraiser and month-long exhibition the plates are hung in the Art Access Gallery, creating a kaleidoscope of one-of-a-kind artwork.

The gallery will be open 9 AM - 5 PM Monday, May 15 - Friday May 19, as well as during regular gallery hours (T - F, 11 AM - 4 PM) until May 9th. Please come in and take a look at the plates!


Ryan Akerly, Rob Adamson, Kara Jane Aina, Paige Crosland Anderson, Marti Grace Ashby, Pat Bagley, Cassandra Barney, Brian Bean, Terrece Beesley, Katrina Berg, Linda Bergstrom, Brandt Berntson, Erin Berrett, Tom Blosh, Anastasia Bolinder, Valorie Boss, Carel Brest van Kempen, Mary Brinkey Cole, Madison Briggs, Deborah Brinckerhoff, Eileen Guernsey Brown, Linnie Brown, Jordan Brun, Tara Carpenter, Royden Card, Lindey Carter, Joe Carter, Jared Christensen, Holly Cobb, Aerin Collett, Michelle Condrat, Jennifer Coppersmith, Patrice Showers Corneli, Denise Crane, Ross Crane, Mark Crenshaw, Joan Cowles, Whitney Dame, Benjamin Davis, Meri DeCaria, Josh Dennis, Kerah Diez, Leslie Duke, Jenni Eames, Amelia Ence, Darryl Erdmann, Kindra Fehr, Angela Fife, McGarren Flack, Nathan Florence, Aaron Fritz, Grant Fuhst, Susan Gallacher, Megan Gibbons, Josanne Glass, Carla Gourdin, Cary Griffiths, David Habben, Jeffrey Hale, CJ Hales, Barbara Hall, Megan Hallett, Aaron Harker , Jerry Hardesty, Megan Hayes, Paul Heath, Kelie Hess, Stephanie Hock, Whitney Horrocks, Michelle Howard, Willamarie Huelskamp, Corinne Humphrey, Shilo Jackson, Janell James, Susan Jarvis, Cindi Jobe, Sarinda Jones, Shami Kanekar, Bunny Kaufman, Shauna Mooney Kawasaki, Vita Kobylkina, Emily Larsen, Jamie Love, Nancy Maxfield Lund, Blake Luther, Shari Lyon, Sue Martin, Laura Hope Mason, Emily McPhie, Sara Meade, David Meikle, Cheryl Merkley, Ashley Metzger, Terry Mitchell, Jeremy Morgan, Barbara Murphy, Greg Newbold, Jared Nielsen, Joy Nunn, Karl Pace, Cassandria Parsons, John Parsons, M'Lisa Paulse, Lance Peacock, Donna Pence, Ryan Perkins, Sarah Peterson, Kathleen Peterson, Jeffery R. Pugh, Hadley Rampton, Paul Redd-Butterfield, James Rees, Brooke Roberston, Mark Robison, Mimi Rogers, Wren Ross, Michael Rusnack, Colby Sanford, Catherine Sargent, Chauncey Secrist, Kelly Seim, David Sharp, Steven K. Sheffield, Deborah Shurtleff, Anthony Siciliano, Brooke Smart, Gary Ernest Smith, Lesli Spencer, Scott Stanley, Kandace Steadman, Jodi Steen, Terence K. Stephens, Steven Stradley, Tyler Swain, Stephanie Swift, Dawn Taylor,, Jenni Thompson, Lillian Timmerman, Megan Trueblood, Brian Usher, Perry Van Schelt, Sue Valentine, Catherine Vogt, Jenna Von Benedikt, Vort Man, Jamie Webb, John Wendling, Justin Wheatley, Patrice Snow Whitby, Clint Whiting, Douglas Wildfoerster, Margaret Willis, Elizabeth Wilson, Simon Winegar, Anne Wolfer, Jane Anne Woodhead, Daren Young, Toni Youngblood, Ron Zipprich, Joan Zone.


ACCESS II GALLERY (this exhibit opens Friday, May 19th)

The 50 Squared exhibit features a variety of artwork on 10x10 panels designed by local high school students. These panels are as colorful and unique as the teens who created them.




Help Art Access provide inclusive arts programming for Utahns with disabilities and those with limited access to the arts.

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Our 300 Plates Fundraiser and Exhibition takes place the third Thursday in May each year.