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Friday, February 16, 6 - 9 PM

Exhibit Dates: February 16 - March 9


Eric Fairclough's process is very technical and time-consuming, requiring many steps for each painting. The paintings he creates take 20-120+ hours to make Everything is hand-drawn by the artist directly onto birch. He hand cuts the design using a precision knife, repeating the masking and cutting steps for each separate color. He juxtaposes the technical aspect of the work with an abstract method of painting using acrylic aerosol paint. This contrast between the technical process and abstract free-form of his artworks are surprising and original (see image on right).

Jessica Springman's artworks are incredibly detailed and made out of hand-cut paper. All original designs, her works range from purely geometric to more natural portrayals incorporating birds, flowers, scenery, and architecture. Every piece is unique, and one-of-a-kind.  


The Art of Infertility

Group exhibit curated by the Utah Infertility Resource Center

Exhibiting Artists: TBA

The ART of Infertility is a nonprofit comprised of an infertility artwork, oral history, and portraiture project designed to educate, raise awareness, and provide a creative outlet and community of support for those experiencing the effects of the disease of infertility. The ART of Infertility has partnered with Art Access to serve those suffering from infertility to assist in programming and workshops to develop inspiring and educational community-based exhibits.

The goal of this exhibit is to portray a diversity of infertility stories in order to broaden the public’s understandings of this disease. The Utah Infertility Resource Center and Art Access share this passion for educating the public and addressing the fact that infertility does not discriminate, and that it is a mentally, emotionally, and socially traumatic experience for most

Screen Shot 2017 11 02 at 4.48.00 PMArtist's Reception & Gallery Stroll

Friday, March 16, 6 - 9 PM

Exhibit Dates:  March 16 - April 13


McGarren Flack's exhibition explores vulnerability, shaped by his experience as an active paramedic assisting individuals when they are unable to help themselves. 

Trigger Warning: Will contain graphic content.


Individual Installation by Banyan Fierer

Banyan's installation focuses on our interconnectedness and how to weave together disparate individuals and communities. Made out of deconstructed copper scrubbing pads, this installation is a perfect metaphor for "scrubbing away" our differences as individuals and groups defined by our race, class, and sex. Reflecting on his own alienation from society as a queer youth, the artist responds to times he often was excluded or ignored. By literally dismantling these the copper scrubbing pads, Banyan creates a performative action to deconstruct discrimination and ostracization and reconstruct the wires to symbolize interconnection and inclusivity. The diverse threads are woven together, but they retain both their individuality and their interconnectedness.

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