Exhibit DatesFebruary 15 - March 8

Artist's Reception & Gallery Stroll

Friday, February 15, 6 - 9 PM



Our (un)Natural World

Group Show; curated by Art Access Staff and Gallery Committee


Carel Brest Van Kempen Phototrope

Carel Brest Van Kempen

 Our (un)Natural World. This group show features artists exploring our relationship to the natural world -- its beauty and power, and the impact humans have made upon it

 Participating artists: Annie K. Blake, Carel Brest van Kempen, Mitchell Lee, Kim Martinez, Sarah Peterson, Miriam Tribe, Lone Vilnius, Laura Sharp Wilson.




by Katie Benson & Betsy Auwerda

show 1

Betsy Auwerda

Despite the Misery Empty Bed

Katie Benson

The central theme of this body of work is the documentation of a chronic illness, termed an invisible illness. Many people suffer from a variety of chronic diseases termed invisible because the effects are not always obvious on the outward appearance. Katie Benson and Betsy Auwerda are both local artists living with chronic illness'. 

Katie states; These works are based upon my personal experience of 17 years with chronic fatigue syndrome. My work uses various methods of documentation and media to discuss what it is like to experience an invisible illness and acknowledges a number of its accompanying challenges. My documentations include ideas around the fluctuation of energy levels, the frequency of thoughts about my fatigue, and the balance between rest and activity. I want to give a voice of validation to those who feel as unseen as I do and bring about an awareness of what is experienced so quietly.

For Betsy, the past several years of diagnoses have been overwhelming, but the process of creating these works has been extremely healing. After several years of not making art due to her chronic illness', Betsy just wanted to create something again. In her exhibit description, she states "Art is therapy— it’s a healing process, and putting together this show me grow and believe in myself again." She hopes that others will believe in themselves too. Her dream is that those with disabilities will see her artwork, hopefully, be able to relate to it, and feel less alone in the world.  "Life is hard enough, and we don’t have to go through it by ourselves."  Betsy believes that we can help each other, and hopes that her artwork will help others to feel empowered.