Exhibit Dates:  June 21 - July 12

Artist's Reception & Gallery Stroll

Friday, June 21, 6 - 9 PM




by Brian Bean



Brian Bean

[Image description: a painting of a red ball on the ground in front of a goat facing left on a blue background.]






Happiness is Human-ness

Group Show with the Artists of TURN City Center for the Arts

Curated by Natasha Hoffman


Nina Falsone

Nina Falsone

[Image description: a blue figure with large round ears on a blue and white background hovers over a red feminine figure who stands in the center of the painting.]




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Exhibit Dates: May 16 -  June 7

17th Annual 300 Plates Event: May 16, 2019, from 6 - 9 PM.

Location:400 W South Temple, SLC, 84101 (Grand Hall at the Gateway)

Artist's Reception & Gallery Stroll

Friday, May 17, 6 - 9 PM @ Art Access Gallery



300 Plates Fundraiser and Exhibition


Kelie Hess, 2019 300 Plates

300 Plates is the annual Art Access fundraiser and exhibition. This signature event, first hosted in May 2003, presents unique artwork that is both affordable and highly collectible, created by approximately 160 established and emerging artists from the local community. Using 11x10-inch plates (tempered panel or plexiglass), each artist prepares small works in their recognizable style. Finished plates include everything from landscape to assemblage to pop art to photography and more. After the fundraiser at The Gateway, the plates are hung in the Art Access Gallery for a month-long exhibition, creating a kaleidoscope of one-of-a-kind artwork.

Participating Artists as of 05/10/2019: 

Kara Jane Aina, Ryan Akerley, Gayle Allen, Nancy Andruk Olson, Cassandra Barney, Brian Bean, Anne Becker, Terrece Beesley, Ryan Bench, Katie Benson, Jessica Neilson Berg , Linda Bergstrom, Todd Mary Bern, Paul Vincent Bernard, Brandt Bernstonm, Erin Berrett, Tom Blosch, Anastasia Bolinder, Eric Boothe, Brooke Bowen, Carel Brest van Kempen, Madison Brigg, Jennifer Broschinsky, Linnie Brown, Jordan C. Brun, Sunnie Bybee, Laurel Cahoon, Tara Carpenter Estrada, Joe Carter, Heather Anne Church , Terry Coker Peterson, Lisa Aerin Collett, Tess Cook, Jennifer Coppersmith, Patrice Corneli, Ross Crane, Denise Crane, Mark Crenshaw, Madi Cuff, Karina Cutler, Whitney Dame, Ben Davis, Crystal Despain, Jenni Eames, Sara S. Edgar, J. Amber Egbert, Amelia Ence, Nick Estrada, Jeremy Fagergren, Kindra Fehr, Katherine Felgar, Mason Fetzer, McGarren Flack, Joylnn Forman, Jennifer Funk, Grant Fuhst, Dennise Gackstetter, Susan Gallacher, David Gianfredi, Emma Gianfredi, Josanne Glass, Cary Griffiths, Eileen Guernsey Brown, CJ Hales, Megan Hallett & Beatrice Teigen, Kerri Hammond, Jerry Hardesty, Ryan Harrington, Paul Heath, Katie Heiner Shupe, Kelie Hess, Stephanie Hock, Natasha Hoffman, Whitney Horrocks, Erica Houston Critchfield, Michelle Howard, Willamarie Huelskamp, Corinne Humphrey, Shilo Jackson, Hilary Jacobsen, Janna K. Jensen, Jessica Hancock, Darby Johnson, Joshi Haskell, Shami Kanekar, Rebecca Klundt, Vita Kobylkina, Emily Ann Larsen, Kristina Lenzi, Bee Losee , Jamie Love, Lyndy Lovelady, Shari Lyon, Emma Lyon, Lexi Lyon, Sue Martin, Laura Hope Mason, Elizabeth Matthews , Hank Mattson, Nancy Maxifield Lund, Sarah Maynard, Coreen McCuistion, Jim McGee, Sara Meade, Cara Jean Means, David Wayne Meikle, Trish Melander, Cheryl Merkley, Ashley Metzger, Jessica Michaelson, Sarah Milne, Don Miskin, Katharina Montrone, Shauna Mooney Kawasaki, Ben Morgan, Jeremy Morgan, Annie Morgan Preece, Laura Muir, Barbara Murphy, Loralee Nicolay , Sandi Olson, Joe Ostraff, Karl Pace, Abigale Palmer, Cassandria Parsons, Lance Peacock, Tyler Pierce, Sarah O. Porter, Claire Proctor, Donald Andrew Prys, Jeff Pugh, Daniel Ramjoue, Hadley Rampton, Paul Redd-Butterfield, James Rees, Joan Reynolds Cowles, Mark Robison, Michael Rusnack, Elizabeth Sanchez, Colby A.Sanford, Megan Lee Schaugaard, Alicia Schilder, Chauncey Secrist, Jennifer Seeley, Kelly Seim, David Sharp, Steven Sheffield, Richard Nathan Shorten , Deborah Shurtleff, Anthony Siciliano, Danna Sides, Skyler Simpson, Brooke Smart, Patrice Snow Whitby, Laura Sommer, Haily South, Scott Stanley, Jodi Steen, Terrence Stephens, Stephanie Swift, Beki Tobiasson, Kalani Tonga, Jimmi Toro, Miriam Tribe, Megan Trueblood, Houston Trueblood, Terrel Jay VanLeeuwen, Lone Vilnus, Catherine Vogt, Jenna Von Benedikt, Derrek Wall, Melinda Weston Ostraff, Justin Wheatley, Josie White, Clinton "Clint" Whiting, Margaret Willis, Elizabeth Wilson, Rosalie Winard, Simon Winegar, Lauren K. Woodword, Jane Anne Woodhead, Daren Young, Toni Youngblood, Vort Man. 


50 Squared


Lillian Saville

Art Access presents the third annual 50 Squared: a showcase of local high school artists in Utah. Displayed alongside 300 Plates, this show gives our community an opportunity to get to know the next generation of local talent. 

This year, we solicited submissions from any student with high-quality artwork. Young artists submitted both individually and through their school or arts organization. Exhibited student artists hail from Ogden, Park City, Logan, Salt Lake City, and West Valley. 

 All pieces are on 10x10 panels and are $50 each.  

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Exhibit Dates:  April 18 - May 8

Artist's Reception & Gallery Stroll

Friday, April 18 , 6 - 9 PM




Women's Group Ceramic Show


KRoyster Jar

Kathleen Royster


Gather is a group ceramic show featuring local female ceramic artists.

When we as women gather, we are stronger.  We lend each other strength as we gather at work, at school, at church, in our homes, in our studios, and in our communities.  Whether on a large or small scale, our associations with each other have the potential to uplift, nurture, teach, and bring about change. This gathering of hand-made ceramic place settings, each made by a woman artist, is symbolic of these types of gatherings.  Artists participating in this show come from their own unique background and each has their own individual aesthetic. While we celebrate this diversity and complexity, we also celebrate our collectivity. As individuals, we symbolically unite around this table.

Participating Artists: Dawn Atkin, Suzanne Conine, Betsy Croft, Elizabeth Crowe, J Amber Egbert, Tara Carpenter Estrada, Melanie Evans, Anne Gregerson, Dara Hartman, Juanita Marshall, Kathleen Royster, Janna Siebert, Heidi Moller Somsen, Maryann Webster.

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What Do You See?

by Hannah Emerson and Jesse Campbell


image2 2


 Access II will host abstract paintings by Jesse Campbell, Hannah Emerson & Bryton Elias

From participating artist Jesse:
"I have a powerful relationship with my canvas and art panels. We hold vibrant conversation where the oil paint flies back and forth, my tools scraping and scribbling emotional passages until the conversation is complete."



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Exhibit Dates: March 15 -  April 12

Artist's Reception & Gallery Stroll

Friday, March 15, 6 - 9 PM





Out of the Night is a group show of mixed media artwork by survivors of domestic violence. This show is curated by Lauralee Solimeno.

Lauralee Solimeno is an advocate, artist, and writer whose exhibit is the capstone project for her Bachelors of Integrated Studies Degree.  She is studying Health Promotion, Psychology, and Communication. Her model for the exhibit was resilience based and allowed artists to share their stories to inspire others and to encourage a positive self-efficacy. She and her children painted what domestic violence feels like.  Featured artists were selected from an open call, and she spent 120 hours working in local shelters working with families there. The exhibit is a culmination of all of this art. Lauralee is married to the love of her life, Chad Solimeno. Between them, they have five children, two dogs, and two horrible cats.   She recently returned from Yabucoa, Puerto Rico where she taught resilience skills to children affected by the 2017 hurricane.  Her passion is helping others find the skills needed to overcome trauma.

Featured Artists: Tami Havey, Caitlin Stuckey, Lisa Espinoza, Emily Nicole Chapman, Brigitte Pelusi, Alyssa Black.

Participants: Dozens of anonymous artists staying in shelters across the state of Utah, several anonymous submitters, Logan Stephenson & Jonah Stephenson








by Grant Fuhst

Family Crest

The 15 pieces in this series are a semi-chronological narrative of my childhood in a family scarred by alcoholism and domestic violence. My goal was to relay the emotional and psychological impact of the events through the eyes of the child I was at the time.

To reflect the child’s viewpoint, the images are primitive -- simple grotesques. The initial drawings were done with pencils on wood panel coated with an acrylic glaze, however, I was unsatisfied with the results. To get the images to look more raw, I scanned and loaded them into Photoshop, removing the colors and manipulating the images with higher contrast and textures approaching the appearance of etchings.

These pieces are so intensely personal to me that I have been reluctant to show them for fear they lack the universal quality I feel art needs to invite viewers in. My hope is to start a constructive dialogue about the need to address the damage inflicted on children forced to live in families that are dysfunctional and dangerous.

- Grant Fuhst


by Sarah Lewis


My art is a way to stay in the present. It is a way to play, be messy, and connect with my inner child.

My inner child is a scared, anxious, sad little girl. She has not felt the joy of play. Her creativity could never bloom. As I nurture her, I am creating space for healing as an adult. I lost many years to abusive relationships, decades of misery and pain.

The memories were consuming me. I decided to search out something new and different. So I bought a small kit of paints and brushes and brough used canvas. I also found a therapist who specialized in trauma therapy.

I have fallen in love with painting and I finally love myself. My creations give me pride, joy, and self esteem.



by Sarah Lewis


You always think you can change or fix those you love.

They abuse your heart, body, and mind, and still you love them.


As the years go by, you are left alone with nothing but the pain and memories of all the years of suffering.

You are now a broken, week, angry soul, who never got the love you desperately needed, and deserved.


Then one day you realize your strength, beauty, empathy, and general worth. And you begin to fight against the misery of the past.

One canvas and one paint brush become a bridge to the present. You bring color to a dark place and rewrite the ending.


You have survived and now you are allowed to thrive.


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Exhibit DatesFebruary 15 - March 8

Artist's Reception & Gallery Stroll

Friday, February 15, 6 - 9 PM



Our (un)Natural World

Group Show; curated by Art Access Staff and Gallery Committee


Carel Brest Van Kempen Phototrope

Carel Brest Van Kempen

 This group show features artists exploring our relationships to the natural world- its beauty and power, and the impact we've made upon it. For these artsits, meditations on the world around them fuond the natural world bumping into the human made world. For example, Kim Martinez traveled through communities that have been impacted by industrial waste and found herself wondering why these impacts disproportionately affect people of color. Carel P. Brest van Kempen paints wild creatures in all their natural beauty, but wrestles with the fact that many of them are endangered, their natural habitats encroached upon by the "civilized world."

Art making is a meditative process, and as you view these works, we invite you into a meditative process of your own. As Martinez says "...the fundamental tenant of a painting is to ask a question, and then allow the viewer the freedom to fomulate an infinate number of responses."

 Participating artists: Carel Brest van Kempen, Mitchell Lee, Kim Martinez, Sarah Peterson, Lone Vilnius, Laura Sharp Wilson




by Katie Benson & Betsy Auwerda

show 1

Betsy Auwerda

Despite the Misery Empty Bed

Katie Benson

The central theme of this body of work is the documentation of a chronic illness, termed an invisible illness. Many people suffer from a variety of chronic diseases termed invisible because the effects are not always obvious on the outward appearance. Katie Benson and Betsy Auwerda are both local artists living with chronic illness'. 

Katie states; These works are based upon my personal experience of 17 years with chronic fatigue syndrome. My work uses various methods of documentation and media to discuss what it is like to experience an invisible illness and acknowledges a number of its accompanying challenges. My documentations include ideas around the fluctuation of energy levels, the frequency of thoughts about my fatigue, and the balance between rest and activity. I want to give a voice of validation to those who feel as unseen as I do and bring about an awareness of what is experienced so quietly.

For Betsy, the past several years of diagnoses have been overwhelming, but the process of creating these works has been extremely healing. After several years of not making art due to her chronic illness', Betsy just wanted to create something again. In her exhibit description, she states "Art is therapy— it’s a healing process, and putting together this show me grow and believe in myself again." She hopes that others will believe in themselves too. Her dream is that those with disabilities will see her artwork, hopefully, be able to relate to it, and feel less alone in the world.  "Life is hard enough, and we don’t have to go through it by ourselves."  Betsy believes that we can help each other, and hopes that her artwork will help others to feel empowered.




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Exhibit Dates: January 18- February 8  

Artist's Reception & Gallery Stroll 

Friday, January 18, 6 - 9 PM

Open Saturday

Saturday, Feburary 2, 1 - 4 PM



IMG 2901


"Breathing" by Kelie Hess, 2018 Partner's Mentee. 

Art Access is pleased to re-open the Partners Annual Exhibit this year with a wonderful group of mentors and mentees!  This one-of-a-kind professional artistic development program for artists with disabilities has seen many incredible artists pass through its ranks over the years: from Darryl Wilkinson to Terry Mitchell, and Bernard Simbari to Marcee Blackerby (who is featured this month in Access II). Since its inception in 1995, we have borne witness to a key moment of growth for many artists, -- both mentees and mentors --  and this year was no different. Many of this year’s participants have been part of the Art Access community for years. It has been a pleasure to watch them step into something new - be it taking on a new role, working with a new medium, or exploring new themes. We are proud of their hard work, growth, and commitment to creative expression.


The 2018 partnerships are:

Toddmary Bërn (mentee) work with Joe Ostraff (mentor) in oil & acrylic painting

Lori Brock (mentee) - Melissa Leilani Larson (mentor) in playwriting

Carla Gourdin (mentee) - Linnie Brown (mentor) in mixed media & oil painting

Kelie Hess (mentee) - Brian Bean (mentor) in oil & acrylic painting

Bee Losee (mentee) - Kindra Fehr (mentor) in oil painting

Please mark your calendars for a staged reading of Lori Brock’s play, Strength, on February 1st at 7:30 pm at Art Access.





by Marcee Blackerby

africn tree Marcee Blackerby


There is a kind of kinetic energy that developes when combining like with unlike, creating mystery by detaching objects from their original purpose. A found object carries with it a history and character, both light and dark. It is my intent to break open the secrets the object has gathered on its journey through life, both culutral and spiritual. An item will often take an unexpected direction, as if having intelligence and creative expression of its own. It is precisely this unexpected result, when the comon thing becomes art, that intrigues me. I like the idea of resurrecting the obsolete and bringing it center stage. My love of story-telling and fascination with language leads me to take a narrative approach in my work. My choise of materials, as much as subject, often creates an unexpected surprise for the viewers. 

About the Artist: 

Marcee Blackerby is a prolific Utah artist. Working in mixed media, she creates much of her art with found objects. “I choose thing that have memory and spark, sometimes humourous, sometimes dark.” She often works within a box, feelinng it adds another dimension. Her desire to create a narrative adds an element of mystery in all her work. “The strange and disconnected are the stuff of my creations.” She has show widely in Utah, with work in the collections of the Kennedy Center and the United Nations. She shares a home studio with her husband, artist Ric Blackerby. She has a love of community and welcomes opportunities to share her work. 

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