300 Plates Fundraiser & Exhibition

2019 300 Plates Fundraiser and Exhibition

300 PLATES 2018 PROMO 68

Thursday, May 16, 2019, from 6:00 to 9:00 PM

VIP Registration will open April 8, 2019

General Registration will open April 22, 2019

What is 300 Plates?

300 Plates is the annual Art Access fundraiser and exhibition. This signature event, first hosted in May 2003, presents unique artwork that is both affordable and highly collectible, created by approximately 160 established and emerging artists from the local community. Using 11 x 10-inch plates (tempered panel or plexiglass), each artist prepares small works in their recognizable style. Finished plates include everything from landscape to assemblage to pop art to photography and more. During the fundraiser and month-long exhibition the plates are hung in the Art Access Gallery, creating a kaleidoscope of one-of-a-kind artwork.

All of our artists generously reverse the commission normally taken by our organization – i.e., they will receive 30% of plate sales and we will retain 70%.

How can you participate?

Plate previews are held prior to the event to provide art lovers and potential buyers with a sneak peek of the artwork. On the evening of the event during the preview hours, culinary delights, beverages, and music are enjoyed and each patron is issued one colored wristband in anticipation of the sale. Beginning at 7:00 PM, and every few minutes thereafter, a random color is announced until all wristband colors have been called. Those patrons are invited to enter the gallery and purchase one plate each. Plate prices start at $85 and increase sequentially in one-dollar increments. This year, approximately 6 artists' plates will be set aside for a blind silent auction, selling from $400 – the sky's the limit. Plates that do not sell on the night of the event may be purchased at Art Access during regular business hours throughout the exhibition.

Our artist application period has ended for 2019. We are still accepting inquires on a rolling basis. Please email Shandra Bentio, Executive Director to express interest and see if you are able to participate this year.

Interested in becoming a SPONSOR for this event? Contact Shandra Benito at 206-412-2973 or email .


Who benefits?

Art Access provides accessible and inclusive arts and cultural opportunities to many people who might not otherwise have the opportunity to participate, as well as equal opportunity for established and emerging artists with and without disabilities in a nurturing and supportive environment. Funds from the annual 300 Plates fundraiser and exhibition allow Art Access to offer programming throughout the year, including: education and engagement with art to special needs children and others in Utah schools; the elderly and other institutionalized individuals or those participating in community social services programs; teens with disabilities, those who are at-risk or are otherwise underserved, and young people in the mainstream; youth and adults living in rural areas of the state; emerging and established artists with and without disabilities; and the community at large. Over the years Art Access has demonstrated that its philosophy and programs are successful in uniting and strengthening the community through art.




2019 Participating Artists:

Last Updated 02/05/2019 

Kara Jane Aina, Nancy Andruk Olson, Brian Bean, Anne Becker, Terrece Beesley, Katie Benson, Jessica Neilson Berg , Linda Bergstrom, Paul Vincent Bernard, Brandt Bernston, Erin Berrett, Tom Blosch, Anastasia Bolinder, Eric Boothe, Carel Brest van Kempen, Madison Briggs, Jennifer Broschinsky, Linnie Brown, Jordan C. Brun, Laurel Cahoon, Tara Carpenter Estrada, Joe Carter, Rachel Chamberlain, Terry Coker Peterson, L. Aerin Collett, Tess Cook, Jennifer Coppersmith, Patrice Corneli, Ross Crane, Denise Crane, Karina Cutler, Joshua Dennis ,Crystal Despain, Jenni Eames, J. Amber Egbert, Amelia Ence, Nick Estrada, Jeremy Fagergren , Katherine Felgar, Mason Fetzer, McGarren Flack, Joylnn Forman, Jennifer Funk, Grant Fuhst, Dennise Gackstetter, David Gianfredi, Charles Gilliam, Josanne Glass, Cary Griffiths, Eileen Guernsey Brown, David Habben, CJ Hales, Megan Hallett, Jerry Hardesty, Ryan Harrington, Jason Hawley, Paul Heath, Olga Henger, Kelie Hess, Stephanie Hock, Natasha Hoffman, Whitney Horrocks, Erica Houston , Michelle Howard, Willamarie Huelskamp, Corinne Humphrey, Shilo Jackson, Janna K. Jensen , Darby Johnson, Shami Kanekar, Rebecca Klundt, Vita Kobylkina, McKay Lenker Bayer, Kristina Lenzi, Bee Losee, Jamie Love, Lyndy Lovelady, Shari Lyon, Sue Martin, Laura Hope Mason, Elizabeth Matthews, Hank Mattson, Nancy Maxifield Lund, Sarah Maynard, Jim McGee , Sara Meade, Cara Jean Means, David Wayne Meikle, Trish Melander, Derek Mellus, Cheryl Merkley, Ashley Metzger, Jessica Michaelson, Don Miskin, Michael J. Monson, Ben Morgan, Jeremy Morgan, Annie Morgan Preece, Barbara Murphy, Greg Newbold, Sandi Olson, Abigale Palmer, Lance Peacock, Tyler Pierce, Claire Proctor, Donald Andrew Prys, Jeff Pugh, Daniel Ramjoue, Hadley Rampton, Paul Redd-Butterfield, James Rees, Joan Reynolds Cowles, Mark Robison, Paula Rudd, Michael Rusnack, Elizabeth Sanchez, Colby A. Sanford, Chauncey Secrist, Jennifer Seeley, Kelly Seim, David Sharp, Steven Sheffield, Richard Nathan Shorten, Deborah Shurtleff, Anthony Siciliano, Skyler Simpson, Brooke Smart, Laura Sommer, Haily South, Scott Stanley, Jodi Steen, Terrence Stephens, Steven Stradley, Stephanie Swift, Beatrice Teigen, Miriam Tribe, Megan Trueblood, Houston Trueblood, Catherine Vogt, Derrek Wall, Clinton Whiting, Margaret Willis, Elizabeth  Wilson, Rosalie Winard, Simon Winegar, Lauren K. Woodward, Toni Youngblood, Daren Young, Vort Man. 


The featured plate above is by Jenni Eames for the 2018 300 Plates Fundraiser and Exhibition.




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Our 300 Plates Fundraiser and Exhibition takes place the third Thursday in May each year.